Prof Wouter van Hoven

Chairman: 9th International Wildlife Ranching Symposium

Welcome Address & Programme Director

After thirty years as a distinguished academic and researcher in Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria, Prof Wouter van Hoven retired in 2012. Prof van Hoven served as an Associate Professor at the University of Pretoria since 1989. He is an accomplished scholar in the areas of wildlife management and the African landscape. He is also a founder of the Noah’s Ark Project in Africa, an organization responsible for the re-population of large animals (i.e. elephants, hippos, and lions) in areas devastated by drought, war, or poachers.

In addition to authoring over 100 scientific publications, reports, and chapters, Prof van Hoven has served as a consultant in community and extension projects in Africa, Europe, and the United States. He is currently involved with Ecolife and Prof van Hoven received Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Science degrees from Potchefstroom University.