Dr Morné de la Rey


Embryo Plus

Assisted reproduction in wildlife with particular reference to rhino

Dr Morné de la Rey qualified as a veterinarian from Onderstepoort in 1994 where after he joined his father at Embrio Plus. Embrio Plus specializes in embryo flushing, embryo transfers and artificial insemination in livestock. He did the first embryo sexing in cattle in Africa in 1995, however got international recognition for the first cloning in Africa in 2003 of the Holstein calf Futhi. He has been involved on various international committees representing Africa and is active in recent years with assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in wildlife large ungulates working with his favorite animals Sable Antelope and Buffalo and also Roan Antelope and Blue Wildebeest. 6 years ago he produced the first Sable antelope embryo calves and in 2016 produced the first IVF Cape Buffalo calves in the world. Hopefully one day will be doing his part to save endangered species like the Giant Sable, Bongo or Northern White Rhino.