Dr Willem Moore

Therapeutic Informatics

The Sustainability of Wildlife Ranching in Southern Africa – a Business Ethics Perspective

After completing his theological studies in 1982 and acting as head of the Language Laboratory of the University of Stellenbosch from January 1983 until July 1988, Willem took up the position of Minister of the Dutch Reformed Congregation of Suiderhof in Windhoek in August 1988. He left the service of the Church in 2002 and started lecturing Philosophy and Medical and Business Ethics at the University of Namibia in 2003. Willem obtained his DPhil in Ethics from the University of Stellenbosch in 2010 and left the service of the University of Namibia in 2013 to head Therapeutic Informatics, a company that specialises in spiritual consultations and in the lecturing and application of Medical and Business Ethics. He currently lectures Professional Ethics at the University of Namibia, School of Medicine and has also recently been appointed as a Research Associate of the Stellenbosch University School of Medicine. Willem is a member and Certified Ethics Officer of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.