IWRCA represents and supports the interests of wildlife ranching communities worldwide regarding the responsible and sustainable management of land for wildlife. This includes biodiversity conservation, wildlife breeding and production, consumptive and non-consumptive use, and the international trade of wildlife goods and services.

Vision statement

Nature is conserved through sustainable wildlife management. To foster wise biodiversity resource use and recreation on private and community lands and to recognize the merit of those practices and outcomes toward environmental sustainability worldwide.

Mission statement

  • To advocate and facilitate wildlife ranching and rangeland management as a critical pillar of the biodiversity economy and sustainable use worldwide.
  • To be a social catalyst and to provide leadership to share management information for nature conservation.
  • To recommend management practices that promote conservation, ecosystem resiliency, sustainability of natural processes, and environmental rewilding.
  • To provide an office and leadership base to nurture, organize, support, fund, professional and private/community nature conservation actions, and promote ways to document intended outcomes.
  • To advocate the promotion and strengthening of sustainable dryland-based economies, which inter alia build on sustainable wildlife ranching, tourism, agriculture and forestry, dryland biotechnology, as a means to achieve the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, in particular for least developed countries.
  • To advocate and facilitate landowners to manage wildlife responsibly and sustainably.