International Wildlife Ranching and Conservation Alliance

Invitation from the Chairman

On behalf of International Wildlife Ranching & Conservation Alliance (IWRCA), previously known as IWRS, I would like to invite you to join us in Iceland – the land of fire and ice – for the 1st IWRCA regional conference.

After the 9th International Wildlife Ranching Symposium (IWRS), we decided to expand and host regional wildlife ranching conferences around the world. The intended organization, International Wildlife Ranching & Conservation Alliance will be formally established at the founding meeting in April 2019. We are very excited about these developments!

The theme for the 1st regional conference will be Wildlife Ranching on Top of the World, with a special focus on sustainable use and conservation of wildlife, north of 45°. Some of the topics will include climate change, tourism, sustainable use, conservation, traditional ecological knowledge, wildlife and development, the contribution of wildlife to food security and health issues of wildlife populations. Part of the conference will focus on these issues in the rest of the world. We, therefore, invite participants from all over the world to share their experiences and practices to contribute and further knowledge during this unique opportunity.

Use this opportunity to extend your visit with an incredible tour, at a special price for IWRCA delegates. Iceland is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, with an extraordinary international reputation for the utilization of renewable energy sources and upholding sustainable environmental policies.

For more information, please contact Amélia – / Anjolize – 


We look forward to welcome you in Iceland!

Dr Gert Dry
Chairman: IWRCA Co-ordinating Committee